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Journal articles

Rovero, Paolo; Ieronymaki, Matthaia; Nuti, Francesca; Brancaccio, Diego; Rossi, Giada; Real-Fernández, Feliciana; Cao, Yihong; Monasson, Olivier; Larregola, Maud; Peroni, Elisa; Uziel, Jacques; Sabatino, Giuseppina; Novellino, Ettore; Carotenuto, Alfonso; Papini, Anna Maria (2017). Structure-Activity Relationship Studies, SPR Affinity Characterization and Conformational Analysisof Peptides Mimicking the HNK-1 Carbohydrate Epitope. CHEMMEDCHEM, vol. 12, pp. 751-759.  DOI   


Pratesi, Alessandro; Stazzoni, Samuele; Lumini, Marco; Sabatino, Giuseppina; Carotenuto, Alfonso; Brancaccio, Diego; Novellino, Ettore; Chinol, Marco; Rovero, Paolo; Ginanneschi, Mauro; Papini, Anna Maria (2017). Synthesis of dicarba-cyclooctapeptide Somatostatin analogs by conventional and MW-assisted RCM: A study about the impact of the configuration at Cα of selected amino acids. CHEMICAL ENGINEERING AND PROCESSING, vol.122, pp. 365-372.  DOI   


Champy, Anne-Sophie; Mitaine-Offer, Anne-Claire; Paululat, Thomas; Papini, Anna-Maria; Lacaille-Dubois, Marie-Aleth* (2017). Triterpene saponins from wisteria floribunda "macrobotrys" and "rosea". NATURAL PRODUCT COMMUNICATIONS, vol. 12, pp. 1573-1576.  ONLINE access


Uber, Dorota; Wyrzykowski, Dariusz; Tiberi, Caterina; Sabatino, Giuseppina; Żmudzińska, Wioletta; Chmurzyński, Lech; Papini, Anna Maria; Makowska, Joanna* (2017). Conformation-dependent affinity of Cu(II) ions peptide complexes derived from the human Pin1 protein: ITC and DSC study. JOURNAL OF THERMAL ANALYSIS AND CALORIMETRY, vol. 127, pp. 1431-1443.  DOI   


Champy, Anne Sophie; Mitaine Offer, Anne Claire; Miyamoto, Tomofumi; Tanaka, Chiaki; Papini, Anna Maria; Lacaille Dubois, Marie Aleth (2017). Structural analysis of oleanane-type saponins from the roots of Wisteria frutescens. MAGNETIC RESONANCE IN CHEMISTRY, vol. 55, pp. 595-600  DOI   


Pratesi, Alessandro; Ginanneschi, Mauro; Lumini, Marco; Papini, Anna M; Novellino, Ettore; Brancaccio, Diego; Carotenuto, Alfonso (2017). DOTA-Derivatives of Octreotide Dicarba-Analogs with High Affinity for Somatostatin sst2,5 Receptors. FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY, vol. 5, pp. 1-9  DOI   


Bello, Claudia; Becker, Christian F. W. (2017). A dual functional peptide-auxiliary conjugate for C-to-N and N-to-C sequential native chemical ligation of glycopeptides. BIOORGANIC & MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY, vol. 25, pp. 5016-5021.  DOI 

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