ESPIKEM s.r.l.

Espikem s.r.l. is a Contract Research Organization founded in 2003 as a spin off company of the University of Florence that works in tight collaboration with the Interdepartmental Research Unit of Peptide and Protein Chemistry and Biology – PeptLab.  Its activities are centred on the design, synthesis, characterization and commercialization of peptides and their analogues of pharmaceutical, biomedical and cosmeceutical interest.

In 2012 Espikem srl lead a project funded by Regione Toscana (POR CREO FESR 2007/2013) for the development of new active ingredients of pharmaceutical and cosmeceutical interest, and in 2016 started a collaboration with Apotech peptidi & cosmesi srl for the design and development of peptides of cosmeceutical interest.

The company offers third party services such as preparation of high purity peptides and amino acids analysis.

Espikem srl

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