Peptides are sequences of amino acids linked by peptide bonds, ranging in size from ultra-short peptides that contain no more than seven amino acids, to polypeptides, longer chains that constitute proteins. They are involved in many biological events with a huge variety of functions. Due to the structural diversity of peptides, their conformational flexibility, and their ability to selectively interact with other molecules, peptides science is experiencing a fast growth in many different fields, also attracting a big interest from the industry. 
Peptlab is involved since many years in peptides science, with a focus on synthesis, modification, characterization, and application of peptides of pharmaceutical and diagnostic relevance, particularly in the field of immunology, but also oncology and, more recently, dermatology.
We apply an interdisciplinary approach, using bioorganic chemistry for the development of sustainable methodologies for the synthesis, modification, and ligation of peptides, in tight connection with the use of molecular biology tools, to prepare compounds with the desired properties and functions. Moreover, we work on establishing diagnostic techniques for the measurements of specific compounds, such as endocrine disruptors, and (bio)markers in biological fluids.  
Peptlab is deeply involved in translational research and technology transfer, with many collaborations with clinicians and partnership with companies developed over the years and ongoing. 


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