Francesco Brenzini Biagioni

PhD Student,Cotutorate between the PhD School in Chemistry of the University of Rouen (France) and the PhD School in Chemical Sciences of the University of Florence
Research project: Synthesis of 5-member heteroaromatics containing peptide backbone: pro and cons of structural constraints induced by amide bond surrogates Tutors: Pierre-Yves Renard and Anna Maria Papini

Short Biolgraphy

I was born in Florence and my student career began here. In 2021 I obtained my bachelor's degree with the thesis: "Synthesis of triazole-based compounds as Carbonic Anhydrase inhibitors. Study of the catalytic effects of copper ferrite in the CuAAC reaction”. In 2023 I obtained my master's degree with the thesis: "Synthesis of a dual-grud based on the antibacterial peptide Lugdunin functionalized with the Carbonic Anhydrase inhibitor Acatazolamide". I currently moved to Rouen, France for my PhD in Chemistry at the University of Rouen.

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